Chrysler Specifications


Salt Spray • 720-2000 Hours | Coating System • SermaGard SG-902 or 1105 basecoat plus topcoat

CODES D13, S20 and S38: This aluminum, ceramic basecoat can be dip/spin applied as SG-902 or spray applied as SG-1105 with burnish. It is typically used for exhaust fasteners and flanges, heat shields, body cushion and engine mounts, suspension bushings and components subject to dissimilar metal corrosion. Key properties are its outstanding adhesion, conductivity and ductility and its ability to withstand corrosion in high-temperature environments. Its maximum service temperature is 650º C and it can withstand thermal spikes to 750º C.

CODES D17, D20, D25 and ST25: This combination of SermaGard’s basecoat plus a topcoat system provides +2000 hours of salt spray protection. This finish offers extraordinary chip resistance and is commonly used for components subjected to extremely corrosive environments.


Salt Spray • 240 Hours | Coating System • NitroPlate® black ceramic barrier coating
This black ceramic barrier coating can be dip/spin- or spray-applied. It can be used for highly visible, cold-end exhaust components such as decorative exhaust tailpipe tips or hot-end exhaust manifolds, and hanger rods where operating temperatures can range from 450º C to 1000º C. It is typically applied over 304SS or 409SS Ni-Mod base metals.


Salt Spray • 400 - 1000 Hours | Coating System • Rubicon Coating’s RoBo 2264 basecoat plus RoBo 1054 (Silver) or RoBo 1055 (black) topcoat

A unique finish developed specifically for constant tension hose clamps, Rubicon Coatings’ RoBo® eliminates the potential for stress corrosion cracking due to exposure to oxidizers while meeting the ductility and adhesion requirements necessary for pre-opened, pre-positioned (POPP) hose clamp applications.