Servitech Coatings


Designed for extreme temperature and corrosion-critical environments, the SermaGard family of coatings is ideal for sacrificial metallic/ceramic and non-sacrificial barrier applications. Its high aluminum content resolves many dissimilar metal joints. SermaGard’s finishes provide superior salt-spray performance, chip resistance, adhesion and ductility – through inorganic ceramic, organic epoxy and fluoropolymer chemistries.

Common applications include fasteners, hanger rods, clamps, spring clips, roofing and decking nails, and stampings for bonded rubber applications such as chassis and engine mounts. SermaGard’s unique aluminum/ceramic matrix is a perfect fit for exhaust system components – replacing expensive A286 and 300 series stainless steel with lower-cost, hot-or cold-rolled carbon steel.


NitroPlate is a highly specialized part of our business designed for the racing and military industries. Metallic/ceramic coatings are spray applied and oven cured to produce an extremely durable finish. Post coating treatment can be burnished or polished to a high luster, according to our customers’ desired appearance and performance requirements. Barrier, high-temperature topcoats in a variety of colors and matte or gloss appearance are also available. For further details on coating finish options, visit us at NitroPlate.

RoBo Coating

RoBo Coating  was developed specifically for the myriad of issues presented by constant tension hose clamps in underhood and body-corrosive environments including exposure to oxidizers such as bleach (sodium hypochlorite), stress corrosion cracking, and adhesion for pre-open/pre-position (POPP) applications. For more details on additional component uses and benefits, visit us at RoBo Coating.


Rubicon creates and manufactures highly specialized coatings to meet our customers’ challenging needs. From developing a coating to meet high performance and appearance requirements to engineering it to withstand aggressive chemical attacks, Rubicon designs unique strategies – and produces solid results.

Company Coatings

Outlined below are individual specifications for each manufacturer, containing a comprehensive list of individual requirements – including details on salt spray or cyclic criteria and recommended coating applications (dip/spin and spray).