Lab Testing & Verification

At Servitech, we have the ability to perform a wide array of customized tests as well as those standard to or required by the industry. Utilizing our in-house laboratory, we engineer and validate solutions that meet – and exceed – our customers’ needs. Once in production, we continually sample and verify ongoing compliance following established control plans. Test results are analyzed and further used to drive continuous improvement.

Capabilities include:

  • Salt Spray – ASTM B117
  • Humidity Soak – ASTM D1735
  • Cyclic Corrosion – Ford FLTM B1 123-01 and GM9540P
  • Adhesion Tape Test – ASTM D3359
  • Impact Deformation – ASTM D2794
  • Mandrel Bend Test – ASTM D522
  • Thermal Resistance – SAE J1361
  • Synthetic Exhaust Condensate Resistance – Ford WSS-M2P170-B7
  • Dry Film Thickness – Non-destructive
  • Hardness – Rockwell “C” and micro
  • Real-time Monitoring and Data Storage – for all ovens

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