Dip/Spin is an extremely cost-effective method of applying liquid coatings, and one used primarily for high-volume, non-aesthetic components. As the name implies, parts are loaded into a wire mesh basket that is dipped into a vat of liquid coating, then elevated above the coating line and spun at a relatively high speed in different directions to evenly distribute the coating. Dip/Spin always requires more than one coat with an oven cure between each coating. Because touch marks are inherent to the process, this second coat is recommended to ensure complete coverage.

While this process may sound simple, achieving high-quality results requires sophisticated equipment and expert quality controls. Both SermaGard and RoBo Coating are specifically formulated for this process, and are capable of producing proper film thicknesses with uniform finish distribution.

In addition, we pride ourselves on designing and building all of our own equipment in-house – giving us the unique advantage of discovering and applying continual improvements based on lessons learned. It also allows us to customize designs for specific requirements.

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