Transportation and construction… appliances and electrical… marine, utilities and more. When it comes to your needs for high-performance coatings, there’s no better expert source than Servitech.

Two divisions, one principal and North America’s premier group of service experts

As the parent company and leading coating provider for a variety of extremely corrosive and high temperature environments, Servitech is proud to offer expanded capabilities in the manufacture & application of corrosion resistant, metallic and ceramic coatings..

Rubicon Coatings

Individualized solutions? They’re yours with the leading developer and manufacturer of specialized coatings.

Nitro Plate

Here, durability meets visibility. Metallic and ceramic meet luster and polish. Performance meets appearance.

We’ve got you covered.


High volume or small run, we handle a full range of spray processing and coverage…


Custom quality that’s cost-effective? This is the coating application you’re looking for.


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Applications And Customer Specifications

Explore specific properties, recommendations and capabilities

Rubicon Coatings is a division of Servitech Industries, North America’s premier provider of coating services to the automotive, heavy truck, appliance, construction, utility, commercial lighting and HVAC industries.

Servitech Coatings

Designed for high-temperature and corrosion

Specialized metallic/ceramic coatings for high performance exhaust applications.

Manufacturer of specialized metallic/ceramic coatings for exhaust & cooling applications.

Company Coatings

Ford’s Worldwide Fastener Standard referring

This finish is typically used for fasteners

These coatings use our SermaGard

Key properties are outstanding adhesion

This specification calls for spray applied

Company Coatings

NitroPlate® Bright polished ceramic/metallic

Specified for wind energy fasteners requiring

This is a dip/spin applied SermaGard Coating

The specs for the Lennox coatings

These company coatings include basecoat